Smokeless Smudging


Smudging is an ancient Native American ritual performed to clear negative energy and allow new energy to come in. It is the burning of herbs, usually white sage (from the Latin word “salvia” which means “to heal”) that is thought to ward off evil spirits, negative energies, purify and cleanse.
Another sacred plant used in smudging is Palo Santo (known as “Holy Wood”). This medicinal tree grows in South America and is used by Shamans and Elders in blessings, healing rituals and ceremonies.
There will be times at home, work or just out and about, that we pick up other people’s negative energies and smudging with smoke is not possible. SACRED SPACE is a smokeless smudging spray to help clear any negative energy and bring new energy in. SACRED SPACE is your personal space clearer with essential oils of White Sage and Palo Santo that have been ethically harvested from fallen twigs and branches.

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