Botanical Foaming Cleanser


🌱Mother Nature really does give us all we need 🌱. Beautiful organic Calendula petals, Rose petals and oatmeal are ground down and added to natural clay to form this botanical foaming face cleanser. The foaming part comes from a very mild and natural Isethionate ingredient made from renewable coconut oil and coconut milk powder.

The cleanser gives a lovely soft micro exfoliation that can be used daily creating a beautiful cleanse. All you need is wet hands to apply. Pour small amount onto damp hands, add a drop or 2 of water if needed, to form a rich lather. Apply to face in circular motion.

You can add a bit of the clay face mask as it has very finely ground cherry seeds, once or twice a week for a more thorough exfoliation. Please do not add sugar as it’s far too harsh and sharp for the face and will leave micro tears in your delicate skin. Sugar is great for your body...but not for your face.

All ingredients are natural, vegan and palm oil free.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, ground oats, coconut milk powder, sodium cocoyl isethionate, xanthan gum, rose petals, calendula and chamomile flowers.

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